We're Late for School!
But if it earns us a detention with a certain snarky professor

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This is Snapecast - (00:00)
Voice: Chris
- Soundbyte: Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Introduction - (00:58)
Hosts: Rachael, Rose, Wendy
- Rose recounts her whirlwind tour of all three HP conventions this summer including real silver does, Snape gangs, Draperies, and ship missionaries
- Overall opinion of the new HBP release date: we would've preferred socks
- Coming up in this show

The Snape Report - (20:25)
Announcer: Jonathan
- the silver lining behind the HBP release date move is that the 2009 HPEF convention Azkatraz has already secured a special showing for the conference attendees!
- while you're waiting (and waiting) for the HBP movie, you can check out this YouTube spoof. Be warned, though, there's a conspicuous absence of Snape
- The Huffington Post reports that DanRad's naked bum is to blame for the new HBP release date. Well, what can't be blamed on DanRad's naked bum?
- the wine isn't elf-made, but Snapefans might still want to check out Alan Rickman's new movie, Bottle Shock
- Rickmaniacs, let your voice be heard! Sign the petition to get a wax figure of Alan placed in Madam Tussauds of London
- artist Hever has created a one-of-a-kind potions bottle with a faux bronze Snape bust
- yet another hilarious spoof to tide us over 'til next summer, Harry Potter and the Deadly Abridgment by Mr. Frisket
- Alan Rickman talks about Harry Potter: the Musical and Harry Potter porn in an interview he gave last year to Musical Talk

Live from SnapeFest: the Snape Divide - (24:02)
Moderator: Becca
Panelists: Beth (), Seema (), Amy ()
- identifying the Snape Divide and ways to cross it

Top Ten - (1:09:50)
Voice: Rose
- Top Ten reasons why Warner Brothers delayed the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

This Slytherin Life - (1:12:26)
Announcer: Becca
Essayist: Megan Delia
- How Snape came into focus
- "The Twenty" by Lenya Rountree

Fanfic Review: Fic - (1:17:49)
Announcer: Meagan
Reader: Gina
- "Ever More Tightly Bound" by Thevina

Fanfic Review: Roundtable - (1:31:23)
Panel: Shannon, Rachael, Gina
- we love Missing Moments fic!
- the significance of Snape and blood
- canon vs. fanon

Closing - (1:52:52)
Hosts: Rachael, Rose, Wendy
- Snarky needs to earn his keep! Please send us owlpost!
- reasons to share your Snape-ing with us
- stay tuned for Episode 30

Potions Master Blues - (1:56:06)
Wrockers: The Prefect Project
- thank you, Prefects! You wrock!

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- Lara St John, Bach Violin Concertos: 01-BWV 1041 : I. Allegro
The Snape Report
music by Allan Horn, "Newscast"
Live from SnapeFest
- Lara St. John, Bach Violin Concertos: 07-BMV 1043:I. Vivace
Top Ten
- Nicholas Hooper, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 13-
Umbridge Spoils a Beautiful Morning
This Slytherin Life
- Chris Harvey, Otherwake: 01-Tensor
Fanfic Review: Roundtable
- Laurel Zucker, Mozart Flute Quartets: 07-Allegro
Potions Master Blues
- The Prefect Project, Night Rounds: "Potions Master Blues"

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