Episode of Doom!
Squeezing in some last minute Snape-ing.

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This is Snapecast - (0:00)
Voice: Chris
- Soundbye: Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Introduction - (0:58)
Hosts: Rachael, Gina, Shannon
- Celebrating Deathly Hallows Eve with plenty of last minute Snape-ing.
- Reflections on the Snapeyness of the fifth movie.
- Rickman continues to rawk, Alec was Snapetacular, and the underpants debate continues...
- Look for Snapecasters at Sectus in London (Rachael, Rose & Chris) and release night events in New York (Gina) and Philadelphia (Shannon & Meagan).
- Coming up in this episode...

The Snape Report - (14:51)
Announcer: Jon
News for the second half of July. (Send your news to [email protected])
- Order of the Phoenix film fails to resolve the Great Snape Underpants Debate.
- Border's Snape Friend or Foe video available online.
- Hot Topic demonstrates excellent taste and releases t-shirt featuring Snape.
- Despite his very brief appearance in the film, Alec Hopkins continues to steam hearts and inspire fans. Check out the latest LJ community dedicated to the young actor here.
- Dallas Morning News in Texas mistakes Dominatrix!Snape for Latex!Snape.
- Snape superfangirl Rachael got herself hitched on 7/7/07 (but not to Snape!)

Severus' Spoiler Warning - (17:35)
Voice: Chris
- Anyone using the Snapecast sites to post spoilerific information will be spanked!
- Snapecast's Spoiler Policy

Fan Interview - (19:28)
Interviewer: Rachael
Interviewees: Jason Munday and Luke Conrad from The Ministry of Magic.

Snape vs Snape - (36:45)
Performed by: The Ministry of Magic with The Parselmouths.

Prophecy Registration Winner - (41:40)
Announcer: Becca
- Congratulations Larissa!

Snape Bereavement Project Therapy Support Group: Session I - (42:48)
Therapist: Dr. Lookfar
Panel: Gina, Shannon, Rachael, Rose

This Slytherin Life - (1:06:10)
Announcer: Becca
Essayist: Rose
- A call to all to continue to pursue creative expression through Snape.

Fan Interview - (1:09:56)
Interviewer: Shannon
Interviewee: Novelist and essayist, Orson Scott Card.

Top Ten Things Snapefans Will Do to People Who Spoil DH - (1:31:11)
Announcer: Rose

Deathly Owlpost - (1:32:29)
Panel: Shannon, Rachael, Gina
- Howlers and e-mail from the wizarding and Muggle world.
- In which someone violates the Snapecast code of conduct.
- On the future of Snapecast...

Closing - (1:41:02)
Hosts: Rachael, Becca, Shannon
- Our next episode, August 1st, will be all about DH.
- Enjoy Deathly Hallows and see you on the other side of canon!

I AM A SNAPEFAN! - (1:47:10)
Snapefans: Shannon, Gina, Rachael, Rose, Becca, Meagan

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- Lara St John, Bach Violin Concertos: 01-BWV 1041 : I. Allegro
The Snape Report
music by Allan Horn, "Newscast"
Severus' Spoiler Warning
- Nicholas Hooper, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 02-Professor Umbridge
Fan Interview I
- Janine Johnson, Chopin Recital: 12-Valse Brilliante Op.18 in Eb major
Prophecy Registration Announcement
- Nicholas Hooper, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 01-Fireworks
Snape Bereavement Project
- Queen, "Who Wants to Live Forever"
This Slytherin Life
- Ehren Starks, The Depths of a Year: 01-The tale of room 620
- Sonnerie, Worlds First Piano Concertos: 03-Concerto in E flat Op.7 No.5 (Johann Christian Bach)
Fan Interview II
Janine Johnson, Chopin Recital: 12-Valse Brilliante Op.18 in Eb major
Top Ten
- Nicholas Hooper, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 13-Umbridge Spoils a Beautiful Morning
- Shira Kammen, Music of Waters: 03-Unconformity
- Sir Edward Elgar, Pomp and Circumstance Op. 39: March No. 1