Snape-ing our way around the world.
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This is Snapecast - (0:00)
Voice: Chris
-Soundbyte: Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneIntroduction - (0:58)
Hosts: Rachael, Gina, Jackie
-Coming up in this episode
-Snape's international sex appeal.
-The (dire) need for other character-centric podcasts (especially a Lunacast).

The Snape Report - (8:34)
Announcer: Jonathan
News for the month of November. (Send your news to [email protected])
- Pictures from the Snape Halloween Postcard Exchange are being displayed by aubrem.
- Results of the sexy Snape art contests will be posted soon at snapeartcontest.
- The Snarry Summer Games have ended over on snarry_games with Team Romance taking the gold and Team Angst taking the silver.
- hgss_digest is a new community providing links to Snape/Hermione fanfic across the web.
- OotP Trailer to only be released in theaters on November 17th (update thanks to The Leaky Cauldron)
- The US premiere of the production My Name is Rachel Cory has been extended through December 30th.

Snarky Chapters - (11:06)
Panel: Rachael, Meagan, Wendy
-Goblet of Fire
Chapter 23: The Yule Ball
Chapter 30: The Pensieve
Chapter 35: Veritaserum

Snape-ing with Danes - (27:23)
Host: Shannon
Guests: selinaenriquez, trekkiegrrrl
- SelinaEnriquez on deviantART
-'s Poser Goodies & More

This Slytherin Life - (43:59)
Intro: Shannon
Essayist: Meagan
- Lovin' on those Cowardly Russians (or why Meagan isn't such a fan of Snape)

Interview - (49:19)
Interviewer: Gina
- Sigune's Snape Stories
- Sigune on deviantART
- Snape Comic
- Snape Essays

Owlpost - (1:10:38)
Panel: Shannon, Rachael, Gina
Voice: Chris
- In which our hosts get a little lecherous
-Calling all Icelandic Snapefans!
-Howlers and e-mail from the Wizarding & Muggle world

Closing - (1:25:20)
Hosts: Rachael, Gina, Jackie
-Snape in any other language would be just as snarky.

Snape Around the World - (1:30:10)
- Czech by Ziina
- Danish by AK
- Danish by Sela
- Danish by Selina
- Dutch (Flemish) by Sigune
- Filipino by TJ
- Finnish by Sivullinen
- French by Hana
- German by Erna
- Hebrew by Miss N
- Hungarian by Sofie
- Italian by Pepita
- Japanese by Dave
- Latin by Anna
- Norwegian by Ida
- Norwegian by Selina
- Portugese by Frini
- Spanish by Pepita
- Tamil by Sandhya
- Texan by Jeff

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- Lara St John, Bach Violin Concertos: 01-BWV 1041 : I. Allegro
The Snape Report
music by Allan Horn, "newscast"
Snarky Chapters
- Ehren Starks, Lines Build Walls: 01-Lines Build Walls
Snape-ing with Danes
- Aqua: "Around the World"
This Slytherin Life
- Ehren Starks, The Depths of a Year: 01-The tale of room 620
- Richard Wagner, Die Walkure: Act III "Ride of the Valkyries"
- Edward Grieg, Peer Gynt Suite: "In the Hall of the Mountain King"
- Igor Karkaroff Stravinsky, The Firebird Suite
Fan Interview
- Janine Johnson, Chopin Recital: 12-Valse Brilliante Op.18 in Eb major
Shira Kammen, Music of Waters: 03-Unconformity
Snape Around the World
- - Lara St John, Bach Violin Concertos: 01-BWV 1041 : I. Allegro

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