Clips from a December 7, 2009 interview with Alan Rickman at the Hudson Society have recently surfaced. A link with the all three the videos is here. Here is a short summary of the content from a Snape fan perspective...

Video 1 (located here): Rickman talks about the importance of story telling and discusses what happens when it is mixed with commercialism.

Video 2 (located here): Rickman responds "I don't know" to a question about what attracted him to his character in Harry Potter. His teaser for the upcoming Harry Potter film: "It's the last one." Not exactly true since Deathly Hollows will be a two parter. There is a bit of discussion about the different directors in the series as well.

Video 3 (located here): Rickman mentions a few scenes with just Ralph Fiennes. Will we see Snape and Voldemort strolling around the Malfoy Mansion together with the white peacocks? There is also mention of a scene with 300 kids. Headmaster Snape?

This interview definitely offers fodder about how much Snape there will be in Deathly Hollows. Will we even get a death scene?