After initially delaying the release of Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince 8 months, Warner Brothers is now giving us one extra day of Snape-ing and releasing the film on July 15, 2009. Unfortunately this may cause some stress for Azkatraz convention goers, many of whom planned their travel around a midnight release on July 17, 2009. HPEF has yet to make a decision to change show times or convention schedules, but they are keeping everyone in the loop.

Snape has expressed extreme displeasure with this situation as it will inevitably inflict an extra day of lunacy upon him. First Warner Brothers ruined his summer vacation plans and now the increase in fangirling that comes with every movie (especially this one) will start one day early. Looks like it's time to break of the fire whiskey.

Snape fans will most certainly be financially impacted by this announcement as those of us who have already bought tickets to the July 17 midnight showing will have to purchase tickets for the new earlier release date. How could we imagine seeing Harry Potter and Severus Snape two days later than everyone else?

Thanks to Coz X for this tip!