One reason we all love Snape is that the guy has some fabulous one liners. We would like to celebrate Snape's wit, snarky, and sharp tongue in our last regularly scheduled episode of Snapecast by featuring a medley of quotes from the Potions Master from both canon and fanon sources.

If you have a favorite Snape quote please send us an owl with the following information...

Favorite Snape Quote: Preferably recorded using Audacity in .ogg or .mp3 format
Source of Quote: Please name the HP book and chapter or fan fiction with author and link

We prefer audio submissions; however Snarky will accept written owls begrudgingly. As always there are two methods of delivery...

Skype Username: Snapecast
Email: [email protected]

We will be accepting submissions until January 1, 2008, but don't delay.