Snapecast is going to do a roundtable for Episode 25 (December 1) where we chat about the status of all Snape ships post Deathly Hallows. The idea is basically that we got this canon ship from JKR so what is the state of all the now non-cannon (or just not explicitly canon) Snape ships. We would like to get folks who have knowledge and opinions on at least one of the following...

Snape and Lupin
Snape and Dumbledore
Snape and Hermione
Snape and Regulus

Other ships are appreciated too. If you have or are willing to get the following 3 recording essentials please email me at (rachael) at (snapecast) dot com with "Snape ship panel" in the subject line. The recording essentials are...

1. Decent headset for recording
2. Skype VOIP program (free)
3. Audacity recording program (free)

Ideally we would like to record between November 16 and November 25.