Snarky just returned from his flight back from New Orleans and brought pictures of his adventures with him. All the Snapecasters had a great time Snape-ing at Phoenix Rising. Thanks to everyone who came to our meetup or just took time to say "hi." Without further ado, here are some feature shots...

Shannon feeds Snarky

Becca shines Rachael's bum

Rachael in full Latex!Snape attire at the Masquerade Ball

Snarky insisted on having his picture taken with everyone...
snapemeetup14.JPG snapemeetup13.JPG snapemeetup12.JPG snapemeetup11.JPG snapemeetup10.JPG snapemeetup9.JPG snapemeetup7.JPG snapemeetup5.JPG snapemeetup4.JPG snapemeetup3.JPG snapemeetup1.JPG snapemeetuppianodude.JPG

And finally...

Snape's opinion on all his rabid fangirls