During his owlpost duties, Snarky managed to come across an unclaimed ticket to Phoenix Rising. Since we were already planning to sneak him into PR for free by pretending he's an owl plushie, we've decided to give the ticket to one lucky listener.

So, if you're still hoping to register for Phoenix Rising and would like to be entered in a drawing, give us a shout!

You can enter the drawing in any of the following ways:

-Vote and Leave a comment for us on PodcastAlley
-Leave a comment to this post in our LiveJournal community
-Leave a comment on our MySpace Community
-Leave a comment on our website snapecast.com
-Post a message on our discussion boards
-Leave us a voicemail on Skype (username: snapecast)

Just be sure to leave some way for us to contact you, and please only enter once. The drawing opens immediately and will close on Friday, April 20th at noon EST. The drawing will be conducted immediately, the winner contacted and their eligibility verified Friday evening (Remember attendees of PR must be at least 18 years old so no underage witches and wizards may enter the contest). We will also be awarding a Snapecast t-shirt to the first runner up and a Snapecast journal to the second runner up.

The winners will be announced on our website by noon EST on Saturday, April 21st.

*Many thanks to Kim in Canada. Snarky said he'd be happy to deliver your owlpost anytime.*