In Episode 14, we promised more details about an upcoming Snapey meetup at Phoenix Rising. For Snapesters who will be in New Orleans this May, here are the details...

    Snape-a-holics Anonymous Meeting

When: Thursday May 17 at 9 PM Central Time (after the Overture Feast) until ???
Where: Monteleone Carousel Bar which is located here.
What: Getting together for drinks and communal Snape-ing. Drabbling, drawing, and everything else is highly encouraged.
How: Please RSVP to rachael at

There will be some special Snapecast goodies for those who arrive early and we may even have some Snapecast t-shirts on hand as well. For more info and a place to chat with some other Snape fans stop by the Phoenix Rising Snape Meetup Livejournal.