Snarky the Owl

Hello Muggles and other assorted humans and human-type things, it is I, Snarky the Owl. Thanks for picking out that name for me, by the way. One fangirl too many decides that "Snarky" is an appropriate name for an owl of my stature, and suddenly the dunderheads who keep me in peanut butter and pretzels start using it to order me around. Brilliant. Anyway, I've commandeered one of the dunderheads' computers so I can bring something of utmost importance to your attention. That would be this:

from Podcast Alley

This. Must. Stop. Snapecast in the top ten at Podcast Alley again??? Seriously, now you're just embarrassing yourselves by egging the dunderheads on, as if any of their ridiculous drivel is the slightest bit entertaining. Are you honestly that hard up for amusement that you'd resort to listening to a bunch of feebleminded degenerates talk about some shady wizard for an hour and a half? I understand that Muggles are easily amused, but this is just ridiculous. If any of them actually made money doing this, I wouldn't complain. More pretzels for me. Unfortunately, that's not the case. So I'm here, pleading for you to see reason. Don't encourage the dunderheads!

And I prefer onions.