Thanks again to all our listeners who sent in contributions for the Snape Around the World medley! They really helped to make episode 8 one of our best!

Did you know that you could be featured in an entire segment on the show? Snapecast encourages listeners to send in submissions for both Detention Intervention and This Slytherin Life.

Interview your friends or family for Detention Intervention, and find out what the non-obsessed think about Snape and the level of zealotry he inspires in his devoted fans. Reflect on what Snape means to you for This Slytherin Life, and listen as your thoughts are underscored by music to touch the hearts of your fellow Snapefans or have them rolling on the floor in hysterics.

All submissions will be subject to content and audio quality standards. For more information, visit the Contribute page here at, and please email the staff at [email protected] if you have any questions. We're looking forward to hearing from you, and Happy Snaping!