We wanted to extend another heartfelt thank you to those Snapecast listeners who've sent us contributions for the Snape Around the World medley, to be aired in the upcoming International episode of Snapecast! We now have:

-Danish by AK
-Danish by Sela
-Danish by Selina
-Dutch (Flemish) by Sigune
-Finnish by Sivullinen
-French by Hana
-German by Erna
-Hebrew by Miss N
-Latin by Anna
-Norwegian by Ida
-Norwegian by Selina
-Portugese by Frini (Yes, we got it, Frini! Thanks a million!)
-Tamil by Sandhya

All this Snaping has us fanning ourselves in snarky anticipation!

There is still time to send us your contribution, and we'd absolutely love to have it! The Snape Around the World medley will be in the International episode on November 1st, and we will be collecting quotes until Friday, October 27th. If you'd like to send us a First Year Potions speech quote but are unsure how to do so, please email us at [email protected], or you can email the Snapecast Audio Witch directly at [email protected] Alternatively, you can leave the quote for us in Skype by leaving a voicemail for username: Snapecast. Just make sure to let us know your name, your country of origin, and the language of your quote.

Happy Snaping!