"Pathetic," Snape scoffed as he peered down his long nose at the parchment that had just arrived by owl.

Scribbled across it were a few terse lines from a squib acquaintence of his who was unusually tapped into Muggle exploits on something called the Interweb.


Dear Prof. Snape,

Followed up on wireless program, Snapecast on Podcast Alley. That's one of those places Muggles like to get their wireless shows.

It looks like Snapecast is not very popular. In fact, it's not even as popular as a show about onions.

Muggles do fancy the oddest things



Snape crumpled up the scrap of parchment and tossed it aside.

"Well, well, well. It seems I don't even have to hex their ridiculous Muggle wireless show after all. No one's even listening to it," Snape sneered with some degree of satisfaction.

But as he settled down to resume reading a particularly engrosing tome on the many uses of snake venom for personal hygiene, he couldn't help but feel irritated that a wireless muggle show named after him was ranked lower than a show about onions.


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