8 days until Snapecast Episode #1...

To make our countdown more interesting, the Snapecast staff has decided to post a little blurb about each of the segments you have to look forward to in upcoming episodes of Snapecast. We thought we'd start out with the most analytical of the bunch...Snarky Chapters.

Snarky Chapters is roundtable discussion focused on the snarkiest chapters in the Harry Potter series, in other words, the ones that feature Severus Snape. JKR tends to feature a Snape-prominent chapter or a chapter where the readers learn a key piece of info about Snape's character in each book. Arguably Half-Blood Prince is a Snape-prominent book. So here is the tentative plan for the ground we plan to cover in this segment...

SS/PS: The Potions Master (Chapter 8)
COS: The Whomping Willow (Chapter 5) and/or The Duelling Club (Chapter 11)
POA: Snape's Grudge (Chapter 14) and/or The Servant of Lord Voldemort (Chapter 19)
GOF: The Egg and The Eye (Chapter 25) in which the famous gray nightshirt appears and/or The Pensieve (Chapter 30), The Death Eaters (Chapter 33), Veritaserum (Chapter 35)
OTP: The Hogwarts High Inquisitor (Chapter 15) in which Umbridge inspects Snape's Potions class and/or Occlumency (Chapter 24), Snape's Worst Memory (Chapter 28)

For HBP, we plan to do an entire show--maybe 2--devoted to this book with special focus on Spinner's End (Chapter 2), Snape Victorious (Chapter 8), The Unbreakable Vow (Chapter 15), Sectumsempra (Chapter 24), The Seer Overheard (Chapter 25), The Lightning-Struck Tower (Chapter 27), The Flight of the Prince (Chapter 28)