You may be skeptical that anyone could fill a whole podcast with solely Snape-related material, but rest assured we've come up with plenty. Here's an overview of the various segments you can expect to hear:

Snarky Chapters
Roundtable discussion of Snape-centric chapters across the series in which our panelists grapple with the development of Snape's character, his relationship to Harry, and his role in the series.

Top 10
Need we say more? Audience submissions highly encouraged.

Our intrepid reporter sits down with Snape artists and writers to explore their vision of Snape. Shameless plugging included.

Snape &
- Roundtable discussion of selected fandom themes, possibly including such gems as Snape & Rickman, Snape & Fanfic, and Snape & Shampoo. Topic suggestions welcomed.

This Slytherin Life
Artsy and wangst-ridden segment in which essayists wax lyrical about Snape. Audience submissions welcomed.

Love Potion 9 & 3/4 - Warning. Here be Snarry, Snupin, Snumbridge and lots of other shipping related nonsense.

Detention Intervention
Interviews with real world family and friends of the seriously Snape-addicted.

Owl Post
Clever, cogent and sometimes snarky responses to e-mail and owl posts from our listeners in the wizarding and muggle world.

Stay tuned for more as the launch date approaches.