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Snapecast Episode 42

// September 15th, 2011

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The Long Awaited Deathly Hallows (Part II) Episode

Content for this episode:

This is Snapecast – (0:00)
Voice: Chris
- Soundbyte: Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Host Opening – (0:57)
Hosts: Rachael, Rose, Gina
- In which the hosts attempt to explore the answers to life, the universe and everything
- Crying into a flask over the conventions we couldn’t attend this summer
- A little geeky discourse on Pottermore
- Soliciting feedback on what you’d like to see in Snapemore

The Snape Report – (11:36)
Announcer: Jon
News for now. (Send your news to
- Even Snape Knows “It Gets Better”
- Snape stomps competition in Bloomsbury Favorite Character Poll
- But author/journalist Annabel Pitcher ,a href=””>is flummoxed as to why so many love Snape
- Alan Rickman continues to talk about his portrayal of the Professor
- The latest whereabouts of the not-quite-late Severus Snape appear to be somewhere down under.
- The sshg_exchange is back for 2011.

Deathly Hallows, Part II Roundtable of Doom – (13:40)
Panel: Rachael, Gina, Rose, Becca, Shannon
This Slytherin Life – (51:18)
Essayist: Barbara W.
- A Eulogy for the Bravest Man

This Slytherin Life – (51:18)
Essayist: Barbara
- Eulogy for the Bravest Man

Fan Interview – (57:18)
Interviewer: Gina
Guest: RandomMumble
- The Prince’s Tale – Animation on DeviantArt

Owlpost – (1:11:21)
Panel: Shannon, Becca, Rachael
- Thanks to listener comments, our video episode is now available on YouTube. Download Part I and Part II here.
- More debate over Snape’s rather stylish forced billow/swoop.
- In we sort of get side-tracked by an excellent piece of owlpost and begin discussing the movie all over again.

Closing – (1:39:33)
Hosts: Rachael, Gina, Rose
-In which we explain why the final film is NOT the end of fandom (and Rose uses a particularly apt weed metaphor).
-We’re still working on the details for Snapefest, but stay tuned for an announcement on Halloween.
-Snape-ing, Always…

Stupefy You – (1:43:10)
Filkers: Philo’s Folly
- Download the mp3 here
- View the Video on YouTube”

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- Lara St John, Bach Violin Concertos: 01-BWV 1041 : I. Allegro

Snape Report

– music by Allan Horn, “Newscast”

DH2 Roundtable

– Alexander Desplat, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1: 02-Snape to Malfoy Manor

This Slytherin Life

- Nicholas Hooper, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: 17 – Farewell Aragog

- Patrick Doyle, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 19 – Death of Cedric

- Nicholas Hooper, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: 02 – In Noctem

Fan Interview

– Janine Johnson, Chopin Recital: 12-Valse Brilliante Op.18 in Eb major


- Shira Kammen, Music of Waters: 03-Unconformity


- Philo’s Folly, “Stupefy You”

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" Snapecast Episode 42 " has 10 Responses

  1. On September 15th, 2011 Skittle said:

    Best. Birthday Present. Ever. o_o

  2. On September 15th, 2011 Sonia said:

    OH HAPPY DAY!!!!! This is exactly what I need to turn this week around. Thank You, Snapecasters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. On September 18th, 2011 Tiffany said:

    Haha. Just listened to the episode and heard the segment in Snape News about Snape Park and Snape St. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this earlier. I live so close. I must go visit and take some photos. Snape themed picnic – here I come :).

    Of course, the film wasn’t perfect, but I was content with it. My fave scene was definitely the ‘cradling’ scene – tissues were needed ;).

  4. On September 18th, 2011 Tiffany said:

    I also forgot to add – a fun fact – Snape Park and St were named after the mayor of Randwick (a nearby suburb) whose name was JAMES Snape. Indeed. My thoughts exactly.

  5. On September 18th, 2011 Aalia said:

    Thank you Snapecasters! Been anxiously awaiting this one.

  6. On September 26th, 2011 Tarsie said:

    Yay! Another Snapecast! This was a great episode – and the eulogy nearly had me back into tears. I was privilaged to be at the LeakyCon premier of the film – nicknamed “sobbycon” for all the sniffling and sobbing going on. What an experience!

    Couple of notes: After Leaky, I visited NYC the following week with some Aussie friends in order to see the exhibit (tickets bought before we discovered where it was traveling to next), and, being a Snape fanatic – and a costume afficiando, I took the time to once again study Snape’s robes. The pockets are there. Looking at old costume shots the pocket flaps are there, but possibly were not utilized as real pockets (the faux flap) – but for this film they actually may have finally built in pockets.

    As to the cultural bit of an Englishman showing his emotions, I remember in an interview Alan once did with a canadian talk show, he discussed how free he always felt to just be himself when he landed on American soil, and how he always became the buttoned-up Englishman again when he returned to Heathrow. I really think it is a cultural thing that goes with the dry wit. Englishmen – at least upper class Englishmen (which Snape would want to emulate in order to fit in better and hide his less than stellar beginnings), are taught that stiff-upper-lip attitude, hide the pain no matter what. Big boys don’t cry. Americans are more free with their emotions – and much more volatile with them. I think Alan portrays Snape brilliantly by having him always bottling up his reactions and when he does let loose, it is that much more powerful. The boathouse scene: while I didn’t like the “look at me” line, the rest of his emotional display ripped my heart out.

    The Patronus scene: I caught the omitted Harry mention immediately during the Florida screening while my companions missed it. It totally changed the tone of that scene for me. With the omission, Snape was admitting to Dumbledore that he’d always cared for Harry – whether he could show it or not – because he was an extension of Lily, instead of caring only for Lily – always.

    And then there was Lily’s “always” in the forest scene – as if she was admitting, subtly, to Harry that she had always cared for Severus. It was a poignant, double-layered moment in the film. Luscious.

    In any case – well done as always. I always love it when you record. I think we should set up a time when we can all get on line and watch the film together as fans with a running commentary line when the DVD comes out in November. That would be epic.

  7. On September 26th, 2011 Tarsie said:

    One last quickie: Pottermore bit of trivia. SPOILER WARNING: Remember way back when Snapecast had the discussion as to where Snape grew up? Pottermore finally revealed that the city was Cokeworth.

  8. On November 8th, 2011 lovehgss1 said:

    Yay, you’re back! I thought you guys had closed shop following the podcast on DH2. You were missed. there’s still loads of Snapey goodness out there.

  9. On December 2nd, 2011 Wokanshutaiduo said:

    I have to say I loved your analysis of the DH movie. I have to agree that the movie portrayal made the Snily relationship seem much more shallow… they left out the entire guilt over the mudblood and prophecy incidents aspect out of the movie, and they made it seem as if Severus was just… like, jealous of James or something. Overall I did like the Prince’s Tale but I think I would have preferred if they had gone into more detail… Personally loved the ‘finding Lily’s body and collapsing crying’ scene, although the first time I watched it in the cinemas the shock of the contrast made me laugh a little hysterically… it was so surprising to see Rickman so openly portraying so much emotion…

  10. On July 30th, 2013 Ashley said:

    I saw the It Gets Better video that Snape did. It was really good/hilarious! That Snape was really good too, the looks, the voice… but I thought his perpetual mouth expressions were kind of annoying. Personally, my Snape expresses his loathing much more through his eyes than his mouth, though he is wont to use his mouth now and then.

    Also, “friend and sometimes lover…” No, Snape, just no Snapeldore.

    Also, the end of the video. The assignment. The failure to hand it in resulting in “it will not get better”.

    PS When’s the next episode? Though it’s nice to end off with the number 42 (Meaning of life = Snapecast), I would still like more Snapey goodness.