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Snapecast Episode 20

// August 1st, 2007

After the release

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Spoiler Alert – (0:00)
Voice: Chris
- This episode contains NOTHING BUT spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. You have been warned…

This is Snapecast – (0:50)
Voice: Chris
- Soundbye: Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Introduction – (01:47)
Hosts: Rachael, Rose, Chris
- Coming to you straight from Sectus.
- Yet another SPOILER WARNING. Srsly, ya’ll, if you haven’t read the book, stop listening now.
- Coming up in this episode…
- Reflections on the release and on DH.
- The effect of this book on our Snape-ing.

Special Emergency Edition of The Snape Report – (31:23)
Announcer: Jon
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This Slytherin Life: Part I – (32:46)
Essayist: Rachael
- Reactions to DH

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This Slytherin Life: Part II – (40:28)
Essayist: Becca
- Reactions to DH

Top Ten Reason JKR … – (44:53)
Announcer: Rose

This Slytherin Life: Part III – (46:19)
Essayist: Gina
- Reactions to DH

Sectus Medley – (54:12)
- Pre-Deathly Hallows

This Slytherin Life: Part IV – (1:02:40)
Essayist: cmwinters
- Read by Becca
- Reactions to DH

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This Slytherin Life: Part V – (1:13:18)
Essayist: Jeff
- Reactions to DH

Top Ten Missing Snape Moments from Deathly Hallows – (1:16:10)
Announcer: Gina

This Slytherin Life: Part VI – (1:17:57)
Essayist: Meagan
- Reactions to DH

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Closing – (1:24:14)
Hosts: Rachael, Rose, Chris
- The state of Snarky, post DH.
- Huge Owlpost planned for our next episode.
- See you again, August 15th for further reflections and second thoughts on DH.

Snapecast Epilogue: 19 Years Later – (1:30:04)
Announcer: Jeff

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This Slytherin Life: Rachael
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Podcast Awards Announcement
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This Slytherin Life: Becca
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Top 10 Reasons JKR…
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This Slytherin Life: Gina
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Sectus Medley
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This Slytherin Life: cmwinters
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A Call for Contributions
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This Slytherin Life: Jeff
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Top 10 Missing Snape Scenes
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This Slytherin Life: Meagan
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Snape’s Portrait Gallery
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" Snapecast Episode 20 " has 32 Responses

  1. On August 1st, 2007 Ida said:

    Its nice to hear everyones thoughts on the new book, finally. :)
    Sadly, I agree much with Becca. Im gonna try not to spoil much here, but there was a ship that “happened”, involving Snape, that was on my top “things I would hate to happen” list.
    Also, I love Meagan. I really do.

  2. On August 1st, 2007 Necromancy said:

    Thank you so much for putting together yet another wonderful episode of Snapecast! I just wanted to let you know that you have already helped me to cope with my personal “Post-DH-Snape-shock” just by sharing these interesting Slytherin-Life-segments. Besides, your taste in music is excellent!

    Meagan, you’re the first person to make me see our tragic hero from a literally “comic” point of view since I finished book seven.

    That “19 Years Later” Epilogue was hilarious too!

    Keep it up! You really deserve an award!
    Long live Snapecast and the Snape-fandom!

  3. On August 1st, 2007 Ven said:

    SnapeCast staff, you are all bloody geniuses. You have made my experience of HP & the DH an incredible journey, where in I realized what a closeted SnapeFan I really am. You have introduced me to the rich world of Snape Fandom and all of it’s delicious obsessive tangents, causing hours of work to just melt away, as I giggle and sob inexplicably over my computer.

    In the past 3 weeks I have watched POA and GOF films again, re-read OOTP and HBP, seen the new flick and listened to all 20 Snapecasts. Since finishing the book, weeping, on an airplane Monday night, I have anxiously awaited this episode. I can barely wait for Dr. Lookfar’s session, and will trot off and see if an epitaph or portrait of Our Dark Hero is ready to emerge from my subconscious.

    Love and Condolensces to all SnapeFans,

    yours truly,


  4. On August 1st, 2007 Ashley said:

    Fantastic – Rachael, your Slytherin Life essay made me tear up and reflected my feelings precisely – I had to close my door at work so no one would ask me what was wrong and force me to explain–

    This was the best podcast yet, I think, due to the fact that the raw shock was evident in almost all of your reactions. I can’t wait for the next ‘cast when we’ve all had enough time–

    -A Devoted Troll

  5. On August 1st, 2007 Anita said:

    I`m lost for words … all I can say at the moment is THANK YOU.

    This might be the best episode yet, made me tear up, laugh, anxious, thankful and whatnot. All you Snapecasters are amazing people with really rare qualities.

    Well, that`s what Snape does for us, right?! Make us “better” people. *winkwink*

    With love, Anita

  6. On August 1st, 2007 Selina said:

    *runs off to download*

  7. On August 1st, 2007 Selina said:

    I have just retrned from Spain, I have sooo much catching up to do.

    Thank God we have Spanecast! Without your guys, my Experiance of DH would have been very very dark :(

    PS – I can comment again, yay!

  8. On August 1st, 2007 pudella said:

    This episode was a great mix of reflective and funny segments! I was pretty devastated after reading DH, but overtime it’s become easier to cope with. I hope you’ll continue Snapecast for as long as you can!

  9. On August 1st, 2007 JessJoho said:

    Great episode as always. Quite different, but this IS the other side of canon.

    I was thinking of “sending a letter” from one of the book characters. I know you don’t generally have that, but could I still do it?

  10. On August 1st, 2007 Aicha said:

    Thank you thank you thank you. Just needed to clear my mind after reading DH and your oppinions gave me some perspective on the book I needed so much.

    Even thought I had anticipated what was going to happen to Severus Snape in this book (my crystal ball works better than Trelawney
    s) I felt devastated after I read the book. I just couldn
    t accept that my theories had become canon because they were toooo depressing. I was hoping it would be like this but anyway I found the book incredibly dark and so very sad I couldn
    t help crying in some passages – not only snapey passages.

    I love the book. And I love you guys!!. It
    s great to listen to you again. I have all your podcasts in my portable HD and listen to them while walking or cleaning up the house. You inspire me and give lots of fun. It
    s good to know I
    m not the only one snapeaholic freak in the world it makes me fell less freaky!.

    Good luck with that contest.

    Love from Spain.

  11. On August 1st, 2007 Denny said:

    I’m glad to see most of you guys enjoyed DH – death aside – and Snape’s story, coz I do, and I’m not a Snape fan, but after DH I like him more!

    I’ve been enjoying Snapecast for a while and I didn’t even like Snape, but listening to you people’s thoughts made me realize Snape was more than a nasty guy – he was a really cool character – I still hated his guts – but he intrigued me immensely and after DH, I like him slightly, though his flaws are still too big for me to feel like he’s a character I can relate to or feel sorry for.

  12. On August 1st, 2007 Mithveaen said:

    Excellent podcast! I love the Epilogue.. Alec Hopkins as Snape LOL!!!!

  13. On August 2nd, 2007 Jessica said:

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was great to hear all of your different reviews. Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts.

    I laughed so much at Meagan’s review. Especially the extended children’s names and the batman idea! I loved Chris’s impression of Hagrid too!

    Great job!

  14. On August 2nd, 2007 Emma said:

    The podcast was amazing. I have already listened to it twice. It gave me such comfort to see that I was not alone. It was wonderful to see other Snape fans have been through the same kind of emotions and troubles as I have.

    Thank you.

  15. On August 2nd, 2007 carmenahermione said:

    I just want to say thank you to Meagan, for being so completely and utterly irreverent. Since I finished DH I have been pathetically mourning as if I lost a real, flesh and blood lover to the veil. I was looking forward to this episode for a little comfort. And while I expected to find it in Rachel or Gina, it was Meagan, with her sillyness, who really made me feel better. So thank you to Meagan – and also to Batman, a superhero I’ve never really liked until now.

  16. On August 2nd, 2007 Tarsie said:

    Well, I’m listening to the closing while I’m writing this (Shhhh, I’m at work!), and I have to say that while I am sorry that Ms Winters feels that JKR is stomping all over favorite character, I don’t agree. I felt that the death scene was incredibly apropos for Sev, dying in the Shrieking Shack – and while we never saw anyone get his body, I am sure that after it was all over, Harry honored this brave man to the best of his ability. In the Live WebChat, JK stated that for abandoning his post, he initially did not get a portrait, but that Harry would’ve had one made anyways. I feel that Harry understood Snape in the end and would have made sure that the wizarding world would have, as well. She also stated during the Veira interview that Snape was a tragic HERO. So I do not believe that she hated him, or misunderstood him, as much as Ms Winters thinks. She had to deliberately mislead us over the years so that the final denouement was tragic, yet poignant.

    But, OMG – Meagan, you had me rolling in the aisles! You did not announce that it was you at the beginning of your piece, but I just knew that that sarcastic, hilarious wit had to be you! Snapeman! I’m still chuckling! Thank you for putting him into some much needed perspective. Such a silly girl, thanks so much.

    Tarsie – transcription troll

  17. On August 2nd, 2007 Selina said:


    Srsly that was THE most brilliant episode ever. THANK YOU for making my Post Traumatic Snape Syndrome easier. I love you guys!

    SO MUCH!

    *in tears*



  18. On August 2nd, 2007 Sindie said:

    Thanks for yet another great Snapecast! I was really looking forward to hearing your opinions on DH. I must say one thing, though. While I didn’t like the way JKR dealt with Snape’s death (I was hoping for something heroic), I understand why she did it, and it’s not because she was throwing him into a dung heap. Unfortunately, Snape’s life was miserable and his true self had to always be kept hidden. The life of a spy is always tragic. He could never be who he wanted in front of others, always kept hidden in the dark. So, most depressingly, his death was to also be this way. The truth about him wasn’t meant to be known until AFTER his tragic death. At least we can rest easy knowing he was honored posthumously and that Harry saw the truth finally. Like JKR pointed out in a recent interview, Harry would make sure the Wizarding world knew the truth about Severus Snape, and while it’s sad that Snape never got the recognition he deserved in life, I believe he will have received it in “the next great adventure.”

  19. On August 2nd, 2007 Liv said:

    “Squeeeeee!!” Fantastic new episode =)
    I can
    t believe it
    s over.. We know everything.. Kinda sad not to have alle the great Snapey questions to ponder anymore. But then again, now we KNOW! I loved how you all had your own unique responses to the book, from denial to acceptance. I was somewhere in between. And Meagen… who doesn
    t really fall into either category =) I laughed out sooo loud! You
    re great!

    I was wondering though, for a future episode perhaps, if you were ever planning to do a segment on the Snapecasters/Snapecast-listener “likeness” to Snape? I mean, when you have spent som much time Snaping as we have I think it inevitable that we not aquire some of his traits..? In my case, I don
    t know if it is accidentally or not, but I am going back to uni this fall to study pharmacy.. The Snapiest subject in the muggle world =) Kinda funny really because I hadn
    t thought about it before a friend of mine (one of the few who knows about my obsession) asked me if from now on she would have to adress me as “Liv, the potions mistress”. So now I seriously think I
    m gonna adopt that as my work title =)

    Just a little snippet of the depravity that is a norwegian Snape-fangirl
    s life.

    And Shannon, nice to hear you using my phrase from an earlier comment “the great release”! You never know how things really sound when writing another language.. So great to know it works for you too! And it really was a release wasn
    t it.. But the greatness I don
    t know about..

    Looking forward to ep. 21. I could really need that group therapy session soon!


  20. On August 2nd, 2007 Erin said:

    Great Episode, possibly the best yet. And Megan’s Slytherin life segment made me laugh so hard it’s not even funny.

  21. On August 2nd, 2007 Iggy said:

    Brilliant episode!

    Thanks for all the happy Snape fandom moments. :)

    *sniff* I’ll miss him…

  22. On August 3rd, 2007 kirsten said:

    Great Episode, I really liked Meagan
    s Slytherin life bit I laughed so hard. I have been devastated since I finished the book,( although I guessed it was going to happen, I just need to come to terms with it ). I really enjoyed all the different reviews, and hearing what you guys thought of the book. Can
    t wait for the next episode.

  23. On August 3rd, 2007 Luvssnape said:

    Like many others have said before me this podcast has helped me see that ray of sunshine even though my beloved Snape has been ripped away from me :-(
    Meagan, I absolutely loved your Slytherin LIfe. I really needed a good laugh after all that sorrow and angst.
    I hope that there will be many episodes to come.
    Long Live Severus Snape!!

  24. On August 4th, 2007 Patricia said:

    AHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! xD yeaaaah…i thought of the Batman thing too… when i read the snape-flying scene, i started to laugh and since my former favorite superhero was Batman (because now is Snapeman!! xD) it was inevitable to make the conection!
    And i couldn’t help but rememeber the 60′s Batman movie, where batman and Robin dance the Bat-Twist xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD oohh i had to put the book down to try to stop laughing at the bizarre images that were popping in my head involving Snapeman…
    really ! how cool is that he knew how to flight without a broom!!!!!!

    YOU are awsome Meagan!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  25. On August 5th, 2007 Nicole said:

    Wow. This was another excellent episode from snapecast. I voted for you guys on the podcast award thingy. Chris’ laughter is contagious.

  26. On August 6th, 2007 Ritalotta said:

    OMFG Meagan’s review was freaking hysterical. Snapeman–YES! Oh man, I was all LOL over her segment. And the kids’ extended names!!!! LULZ

    I strongly disagree with cmwinters and Becca regarding Snape’s portrayal and JKR’s treatment of him, but it’s their right to have that opinion and we’ve all got them, so…yeah.

    Thanks for a great episode! I commend you for showing all views on the book–not just praise and not just condemnation.

    Btw, the music you use is so gorgeous! I often have to visit iTunes and get some of it after listening to the episodes.

    Another btw: Shannon, I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you this, but your voice is so soothing and nice! It’s just comforting and good to listen to. :-)

  27. On August 6th, 2007 Ritalotta said:

    Sorry, one more thing:

    “She also stated during the Veira interview that Snape was a tragic HERO. So I do not believe that she hated him, or misunderstood him, as much as Ms Winters thinks. She had to deliberately mislead us over the years so that the final denouement was tragic, yet poignant.”

    I just had to point out Tarsie’s excellent comment up there. I absolutely don’t believe JKR hated Snape, and it’s clear to me that her comments regarding him from previous years (who could ever love him, bla bla bla) were said to deliberately create Snape loyalty-doubt so when his secrets were revealed it was all the more tragically powerful. She had to cast doubt cuz of the, you know. Drama. But she knew at the time that he was loved, thus nullifying her comments as red herrings. That naughty minx. :p

  28. On August 7th, 2007 elvia morwen said:

    great, great episode, I laughed, I cried, you really deserve to win that podcast award, and I am voting!

    I have been reading the Mugglenet forums,and could you please enact Inky’s Hogwarts Staff Meetings?

    Numchuks forever!

  29. On August 7th, 2007 Regasssa said:


    You totally caught me off guard, and I don’t think I got my meaning of ‘pets’ across correctly. ^-~

    And I heard a very familiar SCREAM then. Yay. The whole event was like that. *waves to everyone else who was there*

  30. On August 10th, 2007 Ileana said:

    This was quite the episode. I got a little teary during Gina’s segment, in particular. But the best portion for me is Meagan’s very awesome reaction. The whimpering, begging for the angst to stop… the cry for Snape-man… So wonderful. I can only hope there’s a talented Snape-fan out there already working on a fancomic on the adventures of the masked Potions Master.

    (And is it wrong of me to hope that Harry takes on the sidekick role for once and add some necessary homoerotic undertones?)

  31. On August 11th, 2007 Nicole said:

    I want Snapeman and his magical grey underpants!
    Make a fanart contest or something! Just make anybody draw this! How cool would that be!

  32. On September 23rd, 2009 UltraAmbiguousID said:

    Listening to your emotional responses, even though I have not read any of the novels, started me crying. I am new to crushing on Snape and I feel overwhelmed by his story.

    Thank you all for stirring my interests.