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Snapecast Episode 17

// June 1st, 2007

The Super Snapetacular Anniversary Episode!
Direct download the entire episode – 50MB (1:43:43)

This is Snapecast – (0:00)
Voice: Chris
- Soundbye: Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Introduction – (0:58)
Hosts: Rachael, Becca, Shannon
- The Year in Snapecast
- 87,382 downloads and still counting!!!
- Our super secret lustful appreciation for Snape cosplayers (especially Stubble!Snape)
- A look back at Phoenix Rising, the kickoff event to the Summer of Snape
- Coming up in this episode…

The Snape Report – (12:09)
Announcer: Jon
News for the month of June. (Send your news to
- Snapefans inundate Potter-con-turned-Snapefest, Phoenix Rising.
- MTV article addresses the allure of Snape and the Great Snape Debate.
- For all those emo types out there worried about the fate of our man Severus, check out the Harry Potter Hotline.
- LJ welcomes a new community, snappy_endings, focused on happy endings for the Potions Master in book 7.
- Rabid fangirl Shannon stopped holding out for Severus and finally married her long-suffering fiance shortly before Phoenix Rising. (Your loss, Snape!)

Phoenix Rising Medley – (14:13)
Interviewees: Snapecast virgins, Snape fans, Snape foes, and the occassional “rational human being” at Phoenix Rising.

Snarky Chapters – (22:01)
Panel: Rachael, Rose, Wendy, Gina
-Half Blood Prince
- Chapter 8 – Snape Victorious
- Chapter 9 – The Half-Blood Prince
- Chapter 24 – Sectumsempra

Year in Snapecast Medley – (46:14)
Just in case you missed the good stuff the first time around.

FanFoe Interview – (52:28)
Interviewer: Rachael
Interviewee: Alex Carpender of The Remus Lupins

Snape – (1:10:39)
Performed by: The Remus Lupins

Contribute Your Snape Theories to Snapecast – (1:13:17)
Announcer: Rachael
Send us a recording of your theories regarding what will happen to Snape in book 7 by June 20th.
- Topics can include whether Snape will live or die, his true allegiance, or his overall role in the plot.
- Keep recordings to under 1 minute.
- Send a sound file (mp3 or .ogg format) to our e-mail address or
- Leave a voicemail on our Skype account, Snapecast

Owlpost – (1:15:01)
Panel: Shannon, Rachael, Becca
- Howlers and e-mail from the Muggle and wizarding world.
- In which we lament the potential lack of greying underpants in the next movie.
- Just how subtle or invasive is legilimency?
- Reward offered for the return of Snarky’s messenger bag which disappeared at Phoenix Rising.

Closing – (1:36:25)
Hosts: Rachael, Becca, Shannon
- 18 Tracks of the “Best of Snapecast” soon available online.
- Snape/Hermione Love Potion coming July 1st
- Send us your thoughts for the upcoming Canadian Episode! (Because Canada is cool!)

Snape Bereavement Project – (1:41:39)
Announcer: Rachael
Voice: Gina
- Stage III – Depression

Information on transcripts, music used in this episode, and how to contact us behind the cut…

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-Transcripts of this episode will be available at

- Lara St John, Bach Violin Concertos: 01-BWV 1041 : I. Allegro
The Snape Report
music by Allan Horn, “Newscast”
Phoenix Rising Medley
- Buckwheat Zydeoc, “Cajun Bayou”
Snarky Chapters
- Ehren Starks, Lines Build Walls: 01-Lines Build Walls
Year in Snapecast Medley
- John Williams, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: 01-Prologue
- John Williams, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: 05-Platform Nice-and-Three-Quarters and the Journey to Hogwarts
Fan Interview
- Janine Johnson, Chopin Recital: 12-Valse Brilliante Op.18 in Eb major
Theory Contribution Ad
- Doris Day, “Que Sera, Sera”
- Shira Kammen, Music of Waters: 03-Unconformity
Snape Bereavement Project
- Sir Georg Solti, Immortal Beloved [Beethovan]: 06-Piano Trio No. 4 in D major, Op. 70 No. 1 ‘Ghost’


" Snapecast Episode 17 " has 16 Responses

  1. On June 1st, 2007 Selina Enriquez said:

    YAY for the new episode! XD

    SNAPE HITS MTV????? Wow….

    Where is the Snape/Herimione segment you’ve promised?

    Anyway, I’m off to download :)

    *hugs you all*

  2. On June 1st, 2007 Prof_Monkshood said:

    Wow. Snapecast is brilliant! I’ve just discovered this site and really appreciate the efforts you guys put in to all this. I’ve put the HP fandom and my Snape obsession on hiatus for a year but this site has reignited it — so a big Thank you to all of you..

    P.S. May be I’ve missed it but there doesn’t seem to be a Snape/Lily fanfic theme yet. I didn’t buy it before HBP (too cliche) but now I’m convinced that this is the route JKR is taking. May be something to squeeze in before DH?

  3. On June 1st, 2007 Erin said:

    I don’t know why but my iTunes is only downloading the first 15 minutes. :(

  4. On June 1st, 2007 FofendingFate said:

    *does her fangirl squeal*

    I have been an avid listener since… January and I’ve got to say that I’m in love with Snapecast. Oddly, what first drew me to it (besides by undying love of Snape) was the music. xD

    Anyway, being a Snape/Hermione shipper I’ve been looking forward to that Love Potion for quite a while! *hint hint* My hopes for Episode 17 were cruelly dashed against the rocks! *glares* xD

  5. On June 1st, 2007 Rachel said:

    Hey guys!! What a great episode!! I loved hearing what people thought from PR. I’m a SS/HG shipper myself and I thought I’d help you guys out, if you need any, for the next love potion.

    Annie Talbot

    Spellcaster by SGCbearcub
    Summary: Hermione Granger was a witch. By the time she was done, the whole damned pureblood world was going to know it. Spoiler[HBP]

    The Man Who Sold the World by Meggory
    Summary: Voldemort rules Wizarding and Muggle Europe, the members of the Order of the Phoenix are dead, Lucius Malfoy controls the remains of London, and Hermione’s lowly existence is beginning to chafe.

    The Lioness Prophecies by amr
    Summary: On Valentine’s Day of Harry Potter’s sixth year, a new prophecy is heard which suggests that Severus Snape’s marriage may offer great help in the war against Voldemort. Albus Dumbledore decides to take action to ensure that the prophecy comes about.

    The Price of Madness by PlaidPooka
    Summary: It’s possible in wartime that madness eventually comes for us all. Yet some madness might be carefully purchased; some sanity knowingly sacrificed. This story is such a tale.


    I’m sure there are other artists out there, but usagistu is the best I’ve found so far.

    Those are some really good fanfiction in my opinion, I hope they help.


  6. On June 2nd, 2007 Erin said:

    And now it’s only downloading ten minutes and I don’t know why.

  7. On June 3rd, 2007 Brooke said:

    For some reason I can only get about 20 minutes of it…. *scratches head*

  8. On June 4th, 2007 Selina Enriquez said:

    I have finished listening to Episode 17 this weekend – it was as always brilliant!

    I loved the Phoenix Rising Medley, it was an interesting interview with Alex Carpender (yet we would all say: TEAM SNAPE!!) and I loved Severus’ owlpost.

    Another great episode! And I am sooooooo looking forward SS/HG episode in July! Yay!

    *hugs you all*

  9. On June 6th, 2007 FofendingFate said:

    Hm… I’d like to add duj to Rachel’s list of great SS/HG authors. She seems to be the ultimate canon SS/HG author (if there is such a thing). “Who Lives in Disguise” ( is a SS/HG staple.

    Hayseed’s “Getting the Hang of Thursdays” ( is also a haunting fic that captures the more… intense (in a non smutty way!) side of SS/HG that I love.

    Resmiranda’s “Like Shadows on the Winter Sky” ( is an obscure, old fic that not many probably know but I would extremely recommend it as a pleasureable read. Resmiranda… gods, she makes a blind, insane Snape feel REAL.

    Another favorite is Michmak’s “Heart With No Companion” ( It made me cry!

    If nothing else, you guys should look into Riley’s “Pawn to Queen.” ( Don’t shoot me if I’m wrong but I think this is one of the fics that really brought the SS/HG ship out of obscurity all those years ago.

    And to wrap up this long list (I can’t help myself!) I would like to recommend KaylaAyleen’s “Ways to Infuriate a Potions Master” ( It had my laughing the entire way through.

    I’ve noticed through the years a gradual transformation of SS/HG. If you read Pawn to Queen you notice a more… intense, serious style of writing that has been fading as the ship has grown more mainstream and… fluffier. WikTT’s Marriage Law Challenge really changed the ship. In my opinion, to get to the core of the ship and find out why it’s so popular you have to read the old stuff.

  10. On June 7th, 2007 Selina Enriquez said:

    Hey guys! Check him out! A real Snape in flesh and blood. Even Snape’s age!

  11. On June 7th, 2007 Marie said:

    I found a cool Snape-themed wizard-rokband today, “severely snaped”. they’re awesome, check them out:

  12. On June 8th, 2007 Olga said:

    Yeah, Severly Snaped are really really cool! And it seems to me they ship Snape/Lily :)
    Anyways, thanks for your great podcast, I enjoyed listening to it:)

  13. On June 9th, 2007 pudella said:

    Happy Anniversary! I’ve been listening since it started out and it’s been tons of fun listening to this while I workout.

    I just wanted to comment on whether Snape left the Advanced Potions book for Harry on purpose: they made a point in the book to state that even though Snape wasn’t teaching down in the dungeons anymore, he still kept his office down there. So he may have not bothered to move the book also if his office is connected to the Potions classroom.

    I hope that he doesn’t die, but if he does then this is the last month that he is still “alive” to the readers. I also think Snape loved Lily because if he didn’t then I think Rowling would have shot the theory down by now. Like you said though, Harry’s perception of things gives him many reasons to hate Snape, especially since the only Pensieve memory he has seen of his mother is of Snape calling her a mudblood.

  14. On June 14th, 2007 Karen said:

    Happy Anniversary!
    This was an enjoyable episode, as always. =)

  15. On June 26th, 2007 Orin said:

    I just wanted to comment about legilimency – We do see Voldemort use it without the person whose mind’s being read knowing. He doesn’t even need to have eye contact, he just always knows when people lie (The ending of PS, for example).

    Great podcast, by the way.

  16. On January 2nd, 2009 Clara said:

    Hi everyone!! My name’s Clara and I’m from Spain. I have just discovered the Snapecast through iTunes and i must congrat you for it; It’s awesome!! I downloaded the episode 29, and i liked it so much that now I’m downloading all the others :3
    I must confess that i haven’t read all the books (yet), and listening to the Snapecast, im just spoiling some things about the Harry Potter books… but.. dammit, i can’t stop now ó.ò T.T
    Oh well. I’ll do my best n.ñ

    Congratulations (again) from a Spanish fan of yours! (and of Snape, of course :D)

    P.D.:And.. sorry if i made a lot of mistakes, my English isn’t perfect… yet =3
    hehe :P