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Snapecast Episode 16

// May 15th, 2007

Starting off this Potterific Summer in Snapey Style!
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Content for this episode:

This is Snapecast – (0:00)
Voice: Chris
- Soundbye: Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Introduction – (0:58)
Hosts: Rachael, Rose, Chris
- Snape meetups and other Snapetacular activities at Phoenix Rising.
- It’s going to be one Potterific summer!
- Coming up in this episode…

The Snape Report – (10:16)
Announcer: Jon
Featuring Phoenix Rising news and reminders (Send your news to snapenews@…)
- programming at Phoenix Rising is chock-full of Snapey goodness (see phoenix_severus for details) :
“Fame clearly isn’t everything”: The Enduring Lessons of Severus Snape
The Heir of Slytherin: Niccolo Machiavelli and the House of Salazar
Muggling Through the Ages: Muggleborns and Half-bloods, and Their Place in the Wizarding World
Daddy, I Want to Be a Death Eater: Character Studies Based on Nature vs. Nurture in Canon and Fanon
Ambition, Power and Manipulation: Slytherin House
The Good ‘Ship Granger-Snape
“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are.”
Sirius-ly Celibate?: Sexuality and the Adults of Harry Potter
Snapeslash and Its Fans
“Yes, but the world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters.”
Snape: Friend or Foe? aka The Great Snape Debate
-come see Snapecast’s own Rachael and Becca, along with Robert of Spellcast, Kim of Spinnerscast, and other HP podcasters at the Sonorus panel/roundtable discussion on May 20th!
-informal meet-ups include:
The Snape Hermione Fans Rendezvous
The Snapeslash Luncheon
The Snape-a-holic Anonymous Meeting which will be the official Snapecast PR meetup
The Potions Masters Quidditch team at the Quidditch field at the Borders Riverside Quidditch Classic
-Snapecast’s Shannon will be MCing the Spellcast/Spinnerscast live podcast on May 19th, during Artist and Author’s Night! Please make sure to double-wrap all peanut butter and/or pretzels in odor-absorbing plastic, as Snarky the Owl will also be in attendence!
-the Snapecast Cafepress store has some new items for all your Snapely needs as we approach movie premiers, book releases and even more Potter conventions!

Snarky Chapters – (13:01)
Panel: Rachael, Becca, Jackie, Rose, Shannon
-Half Blood Prince – Spinner’s End Part 2

Snapecast Shipping Awards – (33:27)
Presenting the results of the Snapecast shipping poll. Congratulations to all the winners!
-Favorite Het Pairing: Snape/Hermione
accepting the award: Hermione Granger
-Favorite Slash Pairing: Snape/Harry
accepting the award: Harry Potter
-Favorite Threesome: Snape/Lucius/Narcissa
accepting the award: Narcissa Malfoy
-Favorite Minor Character Pairing: Snape/Regulus
accepting the award: Regulus Black
-Favorite Nontraditional Pairing: Snape/his wand
accepting the award: Mr. Ollivander
-Favorite Young!Snape Pairing: Snape/Lily
accepting the award: Lily Potter
-Favorite Post-war Pairing: Snape/Hermione
accepting the award: Ronald Weasley
-Most Canon-Compliant Pairing: Snape/his hand
accepting the award: Severus Snape
-Pairing Most Likely to Confuse JKR: Snape/Dumbledore
accepting the award: Albus Dumbledore
-Favorite Student Pairing: Snape/Hermione
accepting the award: Hermione Granger
-Favorite Death Eater Pairing: Snape/Lucius
accepting the award: Lucius Malfoy
-Favorite Staff Pairing: Snape/Sinistra
accepting the award: Professor Sinistra
-Favorite Mpreg Pairing: Snape/Harry
accepting the award: Harry Potter
-Lifetime Squick Award: Kreacher
accepting the award: Kreacher the House-Elf

Snape Theory – (49:04)
Panel: Rachael, Gina
Guest: cmwinters
-Snape and Godric’s Hollow

Closing – (1:08:38)
Hosts: Rachael, Rose, Chris
- Up next, Snapecast’s Anniversary Episode!
- see you at Phoenix Rising!

Snape: the Musical – (1:12:35)
Talent: Chris
-Snape: do you trust him?
-coming to no theatre near you

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-Transcripts of thise episode will be available at

- Lara St John, Bach Violin Concertos: 01-BWV 1041 : I. Allegro
The Snape Report
music by Allan Horn, “Newscast”
Snarky Chapters
- Ehren Starks, Lines Build Walls: 01-Lines Build Walls
Snapecast Shipping Awards
- music from the 75th Academy Awards
Snape Theory
- Human Response, Delirious: 01-Delirious
Snape: the Musical
- music from the following musicals:
Sunset Boulevard
La Cage aux Folles


" Snapecast Episode 16 " has 15 Responses

  1. On May 15th, 2007 Erin said:

    Awesome, just the thing I needed to get me through the last leg of exams. You guys rock. :D

  2. On May 16th, 2007 Tarsie said:

    Just listened, had to drop you a line – Bravo, fellow Snapecasters, for a fantastic show! Can’t wait for my transcription assignment on this one – all the sections are yummy. But I have to put in my especial BRAVO to Chris for his Snape: The Musical bit at the end! I laughed so much, I cried at my workdesk! Wish I could be with you guys at Phoenix Rising and the other conventions this summer, but will do my best to spread the word of Snape at my local midnight party.

    Happy Snapeing!


  3. On May 16th, 2007 ZiLLE said:

    Well, Tarsie basically said what I wanted to say :)
    Great job, guys and Chris you blow me away XD The musical is such a cool idea! I can totally see Snape break into song during a Potions Class *lol*

  4. On May 16th, 2007 Selina Enriquez said:

    A new episode already??? Yay! Oh my so much to listen, so little time. *off to download*

    *hugs you all*

  5. On May 16th, 2007 Erin said:

    Snape! The Musical was so awesome. I got the best images of Snape in the sparkly suit that Richard Gere wore during the 3 Ring Circus number in Chicago and Voldy in John C. Reily’s Tramp get up and doing the dance. Keep up the awesomeness that is Snapecast. :D

  6. On May 16th, 2007 Delma said:

    What a great episode! I especially liked the awards. You made me wish I was going to PR. (Boo Hoo.) Looking forward to the Snape Granger segment.

  7. On May 17th, 2007 Selina Enriquez said:

    I have really, really enjoyed the Episode! Now I have finally got the time to listen to it, I had so much work to do.

    Indeed, the next months would be so exciting. And sad too – what are we going to do when it’s all over? Well, that’s why you do the Therapy Sessions, yay!

    Another excellent episode, the Awards Show was hilarious, the Snarky Chapters were amazing, C.M. Winters was very inspirational – and of course ethe Snape Musical in the end – it was adorable! I must say that you do such an excellent job every time! I am looking very much for the next episode, yay for SS/HG shipping – FINALLY! ^____^

    By the way, there is a Snape artist you MUST see – she makes amazing Anape oil paintings:

    Massive Snapelicious hugs,

  8. On May 17th, 2007 sandstar08 said:

    i love lucius’s lines in the shipping awards! but aside from that. this audio clip is perfect example of how if you get caught up in the amazingness of an aussie accent, you tend to be jolted to reality when you hear “snape/dumbledore” win something. *coughs* at least i was finished with my coffee at that point. i don’t think my professor would like complimentary aging on my assignments… lol

  9. On May 18th, 2007 annie_from_aust said:

    What a fantastic Snapecast and great musical Finale

    Chris you have a lovely singing voice

    Would you please be able to publish the lyrics next time
    – music from the following musicals:
    Sunset Boulevard
    La Cage aux Folles
    with your Snapish alterations

  10. On May 20th, 2007 Emma said:

    Hahaha Chris you are a musical genius! loved this episode. Good job guys.

  11. On May 20th, 2007 LadyWolf said:

    Awesome! Please, tell me there’s a video of the Snapecast Shipping Awards, and It’ll be soon put on youtube or something else… Please Please Please!!! ;)

  12. On May 20th, 2007 Dina said:

    I absolutely loved the awards ceremony!Thanks, this episode was great
    !Greetings from Poland!

  13. On May 20th, 2007 Ashley said:

    Fantastic episode, guys! Bloody classic, best yet! So entertaining! Someone really should make that musical, I reckon! Seriously, I loved it.

    You guys don’t know who I am, but I’m from Australia and have been listening to Snapecast since episode 11 (and I also went back to listen to a few previous ones, too). Thought I’d comment, you know. I’ve been a Snape fan since the first movie (I don’t remember my reaction during the first book).

    So yeah. Great job, guys!

  14. On June 15th, 2007 TJ said:

    Great show! Can we expect two podcasts from now on? :)

  15. On June 20th, 2007 RikuMalfoy said:

    I simply adored the awards. Especially dear ol’ Sev’s comment when he accepted the award for most canon-compliant pairing. I don’t have a skype account or any way of sending you an audio clip of my Snape theory, but you can find mine, if you’re curious, on my art-site blog which is under my original artist-name of PrettySephy.

    Happy Snaping!

    Riku Malfoy