Snapecast: All Snape, all the time.

Snapecast Episode 1

// June 1st, 2006

This is Snapecast

This is Snapecast
Voice: Chris

Introduction – (1:00)
Hosts: Rachael, Becca, Shannon
-Why a Snapecast?
-What’s in our show?
-Fandom News: The casting of Young Severus.

The Top 10 – Part I – (13:33)
Announcer: Rose
-Muggle Things Snape Doesn’t Have

Segment Preview Interviews – (15:11)
Announcer: Gina

Snarky Chapters – (16:09)
Panel: Rachael, Becca, Rose, Shannon
The Philosopher’s Stone, Chapter 8: The Potions Master

Ad The Voice of Reason – (48:08)
Announcer: Jon
-If you think Snape is really on Voldemort’s side, then drop us a line.

Segment Preview Detention Intervention – (49:26)
Announcer: Rose

This Slytherin Life – (50:07)
Announcer: Jon
Essayist: Shannon
-Still holding out for Snape.

Monthly Contest Announcement – (55:29)
Announcer: Wendy
-Got any Snape-fic or art?

Snape & Roundtable – (56:23)
Panel: Becca, Rose, Gina, Jon
Topic: Snape & Alan Rickman

Segment Preview Love Potion 9 3/4 – (1:19:50)
Phone Sex Operator: Gina

The Top 10 Part II – (1:21:07)
Announcer: Rose
-Reasons We Need a Snapecast

Owlpost – (1:22:31)
Hosts: Shannon, Rachael, Becca
Voices: Chris, Suman
-Howlers and voicemail from the wizarding world
-Help us name our owl

Closing – (1:32:39)
Hosts: Rachael, Becca, Shannon
-Snape Medley – (1:33:56)
Voices: Becca, Chris, Gina, Jon, Laura, Rachael, Rose, Shannon, Suman, Wendy

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-Lara St John, Bach Violin Concertos: 01-BWV 1041 : I. Allegro
Top 10 Parts I & II
Thursday Group, First Album: 04-Doing the Clown
Interveiw Segment Preview
– Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, Mouret: Rondeau from Premiere Suite de Symphonies
Snarky Chapters
Ehren Starks, Lines Build Walls: 01-Lines Build Walls
The Voice of Reason Ad
Mission Impossible theme, Music composed by Lalo Schifrin
Detention Intervention Preview
- Tanya Tomkins and Eric Zivian, Beethoven Piano and Cello Works: 12-11 Bagatelles for Solo Fortepiano op. 119 no. 9
This Slytherin Life
- Ehren Starks, The Depths of a Year: 01-The tale of room 620
- Antonio Meneses, J.S. Bach Cello Suites: Suite 1 BWV 1007: Prelude
- Ehren Starks, The Depths of a Year: 04-Bailar Tristement
- Da Camera, A Celtic Celebration: 22-Cock up your Beaver
Monthly Contest Announcement
Drop Trio, Big Dipper: 02-Second First
Snape & Roundtable
- Shira Kammen, Wild Wood: 13-Rapaz Mane
Love Potion 9 3/4 Preview
– Thursday Group, First Album: 06-Oaks
Shira Kammen, Music of Waters: 03-Unconformity
Snape Medley
Supplemental Music: John Williams, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: 01-Hedwig’s Theme (Lumos!)
- Patrick Doyle, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 02-Frank Dies
- Patrick Doyle, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 18-Voldemort
- Patrick Doyle, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 19-Death of Cedric

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" Snapecast Episode 1 " has 26 Responses

  1. On June 1st, 2006 Mizzlsd said:

    WOO I’m downloading it now :)….I will write a comment when i’ve listened to it :)

  2. On June 1st, 2006 Livinia said:

    6. Appointments for a series of laser tatoo removal sessions

    Brava, Snapecast is beyond amazing.

  3. On June 1st, 2006 Essie said:

    I love it! Cant wait for next months! I completely agree, you cant get enough Severus Snape

  4. On June 1st, 2006 Nicolle Snape said:

    WOW!!! I loved it! I cannot wait for episode 2.

  5. On June 1st, 2006 Mananeh said:

    I loved it – I’ve sent an email. And the little owl hooting? So sweet!


    Becca was worried the hooting owl bit might be a little too silly, but the rest of us knew better.

  6. On June 1st, 2006 Hedwigger7 said:

    What fun! Congrats to all involved! Especialy loved: Rickman anywhere anytime oozing Snapeness with those wickedly silken dulcet tones; Music! Terrific music selections between segments creates a great atmosphere; Discussing a chapter from the books will be a segment I will look forward to with enthusiastically. Hardy kudos!

    Keep it going Snappettes!

  7. On June 1st, 2006 Melba said:

    Aaaaaarg!!Thank’s Rachel!!Loved it!
    Never thought about a relation between Snape’s mother and Voldemort!What can I say?Brilliant!!
    I’m longing for the next one

  8. On June 2nd, 2006 Ms_S_Snape said:

    That Snapecast was amazing! The chapter analysis was really good, and I have learned about theories I never thought of before! Chris was hilarious as Snape. The whole cast is just an awesome group! I love this podcast! :D I can’t wait for episode 2. Oh! and the music! LOVE THE MUSIC! Classical…very Snape.
    And you guys rock for getting hate mail for this podcast! That is just too cool!

    There appears to be no end in sight to the hate mail. Alas…


  9. On June 2nd, 2006 Val said:

    Great show! I just want to say that I love everything about it, especially the closing when everyone read a bit from the books, describing Snape. It was very moving, especially the last statment and the last note of the music. Well done!

  10. On June 2nd, 2006 SnapeFiend said:


  11. On June 2nd, 2006 Ms_S_Snape said:

    I would like to agree with Val. The closing of the show was one of the best things about it! The music! The parts from the book! It all fit and flowed together. The ending just was so…sniff. You just want to shed a tear for poor, poor Severus Snape.

  12. On June 3rd, 2006 snapesnogger said:

    this is a brilliant idea! kudos! i shall advertise this on my journal ;) you will be sure of having more viewers, hopefully. keep going

    lol, i wanna be one of the fanart interviewees XD


  13. On June 3rd, 2006 Stephanie said:

    Rachael et al-I finally listened to it and I loved it! I was walking the house laughing out loud while my family stared at me. I like the chapter analysis as well as the fun stuff. Boxers or briefs, indeed!
    I can’t wait for the next one.

  14. On June 5th, 2006 Erin said:

    Great show, I loved your analysis and musings on canon and not so canon snape and look forward to hearing more of your shows in the future.

  15. On June 5th, 2006 Mooneva said:

    Brilliant!!! ^_^ adored every second of it.
    (although i allways have to be careful that no ones looming at my door when
    the love potion segment swings by)
    I’m awaiting intensley for the next one.
    But a whole month is so far away ; . ;
    Recomending it to my fellow Snape fan girls.
    Good work

  16. On June 7th, 2006 Jolijn said:

    Wow it was really gorgeous, a tribiute to my Snapypoo (I have a sick mind I know) you guys rock, cant wait for the second eppisode.

    *Big Squishy Hug* Jolijn


    Having a sick mind is a bonus, as far as we’re concerned. We’ll pass your squishy hug on to Snape. He really needs all the hugs he can get.


  17. On June 7th, 2006 Taylor said:

    (pouts) I can’t download all of it. I only get the first 3 minutes and 13 seconds or so. (shrugs) Ah well. I love the part where Rachael talks about why there should be a snapecast. (laughs) Most of my reasons go along with what you said. . ..including the perverted ones. . .


    Yes, Rachael bears her perversion very well, LOL! Here’s hoping you have better luck downloading in future!


  18. On June 8th, 2006 Murushki said:

    Hi! Thank you for this podcast, I really enjoy this idea:) Everything is OK, but it’s smth wrong with the sound sometimes, smth like an echo…. Is it any way to solve this problem? Waiting for the next episode… Love the show:)


    Yes, since we are a brand-spanking new podcast, we’re still working out some technical issues. We hope to improve with each episode, not just in sound quality but in every aspect of the show. Please continue to let us know how we’re doing, and thanks for the feedback!


  19. On June 8th, 2006 Dhampir72 said:

    A friend of mine on Deviantart posted this in her journal. I love Snape, and I think this is amazing! Keep going!


    We love Snape too. And we also love artists who post about us in their journals, so please tell your friend that she has earned the affection of the entire Snapecast staff. :)


  20. On June 21st, 2006 TJ said:

    Love Potions 9 and 3/4… you people will be the death of me. I hope your voice talent is being paid a ridiculous amount of money for his services.


    HA! The Voice is certainly worth every Galleon in Gringotts to us. :)


  21. On July 2nd, 2006 R.Calanthe said:

    I’ve been wondering for a long time whether something like this would ever materialize, so, I absolutely LOVE it. And I was wondering if you’d talk about his huge fanfiction base, whether with Lily, Hermione or Narcissa.

  22. On August 16th, 2006 Evil Banshee said:

    I just listened to the first episode and I must say the end made me giggle,but at the same time it made me sad. I always thought that I can relate to Snape because I was being picked on too(and I still sometimes am),but it was more serious than just being called”Miss Piggy”. And,how funny this may sound,I even resemble him physically. :D Well anyway,that’s all I wanted to say. Keep up the good work!

  23. On July 26th, 2007 Emma said:

    Just found the podcast. Going to listen to all of them. Awesome first one.

  24. On April 25th, 2008 Ashley said:

    This is the first time I’ve heard this episode after all this time, and I have a something to say pertaining to the comment you made about what the “there will be no foolish wandwavind and silly incantations” quote could mean. I never really got all that from that quote. I always just assumed it was as if to say, “Put away your wands, you silly children, this is Potions class, not Charms!”

  25. On August 6th, 2008 Snapecast » A Call for Contributions said:

    [...] This Slytherin Life: Episode 1, 50:07 Peg Kerr’s This Slytherin Life: Episode 13, 44:43 Chris’s This Slytherin Life: Episode [...]

  26. On October 5th, 2010 Margret said:

    I only just finished your first Snapecast episode, and what I think I most want to ask is– Where in the WORLD did you get the people to do your Owlpost voices? You could tell instantly what character was writing, with the exception of Ron, who took just a few seconds longer.

    Your Snapecast is great, and I’m very glad I stumbled across it!